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The strategy to get a goal is built starting from the end, that is the goal or objective, developing every necessary step until to arrive to the beginning in the plan. This method of thinking is used to solve problems and to design objects, services, ideas or concepts, specially when “the normal design” (from the […]

To find a solution for problems that look very big, important, difficult and they block us, we can use Analogical Thinking, such as stories and metaphors. Holistic approach to the problem To overcome rational barriers Stories and Metaphors

Kind of creativity: Creativity with “c” (not capital letter): it is the creativity applied to daily tasks. Creativity with “C” (capital letter): it is the creativity that allows the big changes that produces the advancement of the humankind. Habits what promote the Creativity Potential After getting a solution, self-asking for another possible way to do […]

Edward de Bono (1985): He defined the lateral and vertical thinking. 1) Lateral thinking (untraditional thinking way): enriches from other projects. tries taking different directions. tries with new ideas. loves ambiguity. considers that every detail can be interesting to find a new/original solution. progress in plural ways. 2) Vertical thinking (traditional thinking way): is based […]

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GOAL: To find a way to place 4 statues of 4 people with a natural size in a garden and they have to be equidistant. SOLUTIONS: Tetrahedron  

Not-Creative Environment: Preserving the order. Reluctant to changes. Fighting to keep the systems and attacking to someone who tries to introduce changes or modifications. Anti-creative self-verbalizations or behaviors promoting a high level of self-restraint (creative self-suicides): I don’t know about this! And what if I make a mistake? What would they think if I failure? […]

Is creativity a genetic or an environment matter? Throughout our history has been reduced the weight / importance given to the nature or fingerprints to be creative people and has been increased the importance given to the environment. In 1888, in the called The Galton Controversy, Galton established relation and importance to both conditions and devised […]

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